DataCaciques start using new datacenter

DataCaciques now start using new datacenter since July 30. With new datacenter, DataCaciques system has greatly faster: 1. Website at least 3 times faster response. 2. Data query at least 1 times faster response. 3. Data update frequency reached two hours once.   New Country of Audience Country of Audience now support view the most popular listing of specified […]

The second wave of update in June: referral traffic, mobile version,cross sell support SKU and keyword match.

Thanks for supporting and recognition of our DataCaciques, we’d entered into the new development after the first wave of update on June 6th, and now we bring you second wave of system update in June. Mobile web version online In order to let everybody know that account data anytime and anywhere,We have developed mobile web […]

DataCaciques Pricing Released.

Dear Users,   It’s been a year  since our debut and beta version.Thanks for the feedback and support of every user who has has experience the beta, we’ve made many progress along the way. We will launch our first release version at today, 2014, and we will launch more and more exciting new features during […]