How to select the Best selling format through Data Analysis in eBay

Which way do you select selling format ?  Is this the most suitable one?  You can find out your answer looking at the belows

For Listing, there are two ways to post your listing , Bidding and Fixed Price, which one is better?  We can divide the customers on eBay into two types according to their different preferences.


The first type:  this type of customers enjoy bidding goods for it can bring them much pleasure, try to win the goods they really want with a low price is their final goal;


The second type:  this type of customers they don’t want to waste time for waiting, they would  buy the goods without any reluctance  if both the quality and price can meet their expectation.


We can define the best  selling format  for the  products through a simple way:

Observation:  You can find out the most popular and suitable way to price your products through browsing other websites which sell similar goods with you. For instance,  when we search on the with the keyword “ case ipad”, the result will show the products from the first 5 pages. If more than half of the products  choose the fixed-pricing way, then this way must be well accepted in the local areas. That’s why this kind of listing way is so popular among vendors.


Supply and demand analysis:  You can chose the best selling format according to the supply – demand relationship. For example, you can adopt the way of Bidding  if the product is in great need  or the market price of it is uncertain. Then you can choose this way to raise price by encouraging the buyers to bide for it.   For those mass-produced or price transparent products,  Fixed Price is the better choice. Taking “ case ipad” as an example,  you should chose the Fixed Price according to this analysis.


Data analysis:  From above,  you can find out whether your present selling format is the best one or not by adopting the analysis ways which are offered by DataCaciques.


What useful information can the DataCaciques analysis bring to us?
The DataCaciques offers abundant useful information which can help us have a better understanding of the present selling format as well as its effect, within its help we can choose the best selling format and decide the online time of the listing. Those information includes: the number of visitors, the percentage of sales, the sales, the page views, the number of visitors, the conversion rates and the average unit price of each different ads listing.

About the analysis function of selling format

Firstly, click on the navigation buttons on the left of the system, you can choose the items from sales analysis, comparison and analysis of selling format.


Then, the result will show on the picture below ( the following picture is testing data),  from the picture, it’s easy to see the percentage of the present ads listing. The pie chart shows the volume of sales,  the page views, the number of visitors, the conversion rates and the average unit price of each different ads listing. Within these data, you can make some adjustments and testing of the selling format, in order to get the best option.


Besides, you can filter the selling format by adding different listing filter. For instance, if you want to know the specific effects of a certain category of product at a certain time from a certain website which brought by different selling formats, then you can choose this way.  There are other filters you can choose such as SKU, PRICE and  SHELF TIME.


If you choose the Bidding,  then the function for segmentation “ Function of Bidding Analysis ” will help you to set  the most effective online time.

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