Elaboration on SKU analysis

Hi, everyone. Today, i am going to talk about the “SKU analysis” function. SKU is used widely and i will not elaborate on it. it is required when you List a listing.

If some goods are marked by SKU, the following situation is mostly likely to happen: many listings will be marked as the same SKU. And we used to collect statistics of best-selling commodities in the dimension of listing, which was inconvenient to add up the sales volume of a certain commodity. Therefore, we launch the SKU analysis.

What problem can SKU solve?

Taking SKU as an unit, we can analyze the sales of a goods, the number of buyers, the average number of purchasing, the number of orders, the number of paid orders, the number of listing and even the monthly trend of SKU and its detailed information. In this way, we can know better about sales condition of a certain goods.


You can add some screening conditions in the top navigation bar. If you want to find out the SKU of a certain goods and sales in a certain site during a certain period of time, you can do like this:


You can also click to check detailed information of a  SKU.



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