Keeping track of the latest search ranking result of title keywords and its optimization

Obviously, the keyword of title plays an important role in promoting Listing. The first step of optimizing the Listing is to know the specific situation about the keywords in websites. But how to know the rank of our Listing? After having optimized the keywords, how to know whether the rank has moved up or not?

Without any doubt, to search and track the result is a possible way. But this can result in an inefficient aftermath for doing so you should go to the site first and then enter the keywords. It’s a bit troublesome to seek your own products among the numerous results, and to check the rank.

In order to solve the above problem we have developed the“Listing Search Ranking Tool”.
If you search the rank of Listing of one or more eBay accounts when enter one certain keyword, you can know exactly what the rank of the Listing make up of the top 1000.

Some details about how to use this function:

1. The first step is to find the “ search ranking”at the APP Center.


2. Then enter the default page, you can notice that there is an input box, enter the keyword and choose the suitable website, at last, select one or more accounts.  The ranking results of all the Listings will show up automatically if you click on the search system.



3. About the search result. The top 1000 search result will offer the details. Such like the rank in the proportion of all the Listings, the specific rank of one certain Listing, the page numbers, the page view and total sales along with the conversion rates of the latest week. With this function you can know everything about the ranking details. It’s unnecessary for you to search the rank one by one. ( the following picture shows the testing data)

Tips :  the search result will be different due to the search ranking of eBay is changing all the time.

4. If none of the Listings is in the top 1000 search results, the system will show the result is null. Most users will only concern the first few pages of results. If your Listing is not in the top 1000, maybe it’s time to optimize your title keywords.


5. Last but not least,  it’s necessary to mention another function of reviewing the history searches. It can help us to remember the specific ranking of last search result, also make it much easier to make a comparison between different search results at different periods.



After expanding the option, you can find out all the keywords and dates that you have searched before, thus can help you make a comparison between them easily.



If you want to ensure the search result in accordance with eBay, you should choose the right site at the search result page. For example, if we search in the US site, it’s essential to select the USA in the search result.

If you want to know the details about the rank of your Listing,  just try this tool and expect surprise.


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