Elaboration on SKU analysis

Hi, everyone. Today, i am going to talk about the “SKU analysis” function. SKU is used widely and i will not elaborate on it. it is required when you List a listing. If some goods are marked by SKU, the following situation is mostly likely to happen: many listings will be marked as the same […]

How to set up a cross-sell

If you want to improve the result of cross-sell and you do not know how to set it up. Please read through the following content patiently. Let me specify the setup of the cross-sell. 1. If the seller code the cross-sell himself or herself, he or she probably will encounter the following problem. a. You […]

Buyer analysis

All sellers want to get the maximum benefits with the minimum cost, so we should be good at make advantage of every traffic and every customer, especially those regular customers. As we know, the cost of developing a new customer is higher than that of maintaining a regular customer and the sellers are less likely […]