DataCaciques Pricing Released.

Dear Users,


It’s been a year  since our debut and beta version.Thanks for the feedback and support of every user who has has experience the beta, we’ve made many progress along the way.

We will launch our first release version at today, 2014, and we will launch more and more exciting new features during year 2014.

eBay Data Analysis and Intelligent Cross Promotion are two products, you may choose to activate “Intelligent cross promotion” based on the “Data Analysis” product.


There are 4 kinds of plans of product choices. Pricing detail:

Free plan and 3 paid plans. All paid plans are fully refundable within 14 first days of each plan:

  • Free
    • Free version only supports single eBay Account and active listings less than 300
    • Intelligent cross promotion is not included
  • Start
    • $4.95/m, supports 3 eBay Account and active listings amount less than 800
    • $2.95/m, Intelligent cross promotion for  3 eBay Account
  • Professional
    • $19.95/m,More powerful data Analysis features for 5 eBay Accounts
    • $9.95/m, Intelligent cross promotion for  5 eBay Account
  • Ultimate
    • $29.95/m,Premium full Data Analysis and Intelligent cross promotion features, support up to 10 eBay Accounts
    • 9.95$/m, Intelligent cross promotion for all eBay Account
    • Privileges to experience other DataCaciques new products
    • remarks: [10~20 eBay Accounts, extra 10$/m, above 20 eBay Accounts, 30$/m]



  • If you have more multiple DC accounts, please choose “eBay Account Transfer” to transfer one eBay Account to another DC account.
  • You can choose “Add User” to bind your eBay Account to other DC Account.




DataCaciques Team.

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