Understand the geographical distribution of your visitors

Customer is the god for our eBay sellers. But do you know where are these “gods” come from? Do you know the first few countries with the most visits currently? And if we go further, do you know how many people in those countries are visiting and their cities? You may ask what I can benefit from understanding that for my sales.

Understand the shopping habits of customers in different areas, and understand their habits and the changes of fashion trends Carry out promotions for those popular areas and cities Carry out targeted advertising, and increase the advertising conversion Use different title keywords in accordance with the search habits of the users in different countries and areas

If you ask does our DataCaciques provide this kind of function, the answer is yes. It can be found in the “Traffic” -> Audience ->Country



You can select the time span that requires to be analyzed according to your own needs through the data selector on the top right. All data selectors in the system are used in this way. The following screenshot is a data of test account without data validation.


After you select the time span which requires to be analyzed, the result can be seen clearly through the pie chart. The pie chart will display the top 14 results, and the results after the 15th will be displayed as “others”. You can scroll down to the detailed information list and check if you want to know about the “others”.


Continue to scroll down is to show the countries of the visitors on a Google map, and click on the green areas in the map also can enter and check the page of detailed city information.



Further down is the information of all visitor countries, the “others” in above pie chart will also be shown in the following list. and then you can click on city distribution at this time, and check where they are come from.


If you click on city distribution, display information and visitor country and so on, you can click on “return to visitor country analysis” on the top left corner and switch the country to check the visitors’ country. You need to carry out an analysis and promotion accordingly if you find a large portion of customers comes from the same area.


The bottom one is the national trends of visitors, you can observe the visitor trends of the top 5 countries.



Find your key visitor is only the first step, and the second step is the most important, that is to carry out promotion and marketing accordingly. What are you waiting for, let’s find your visitors, and then take action.

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