Buyer analysis

All sellers want to get the maximum benefits with the minimum cost, so we should be good at make advantage of every traffic and every customer, especially those regular customers. As we know, the cost of developing a new customer is higher than that of maintaining a regular customer and the sellers are less likely to get case from regular customers. Therefore, when marketing, the sellers should pay much attention to maintaining the relationship between themselves and regular customers to attract them to purchase more than once. Let’s look into the buyer analysis.

It can tell us the following things during a period of time: the number of buyers, sales volume, average quantity of purchasing, paying rate, repurchasing rate, average per customer transaction and repurchasing rate for different purchasing time. Also, we can intuitively see current situation of proportion of repurchasing in total purchasing volume, find out regular customers’ detailed information of different dimensions, like sum of orders, purchase quantity and the number of orders. What’s more, regular customers’ purchasing trend can be obtained.

In the first place, choose the time span you want to analysis.


Then, observe statistics like repeated buy rate ,Avg Buyer Spent,Avg Quantities Among these statistics, repurchasing rate is the most important which directly reflect brand loyalty of customers.


Sort the statistics according to different dimensions to look up purchasing conditions of customers.

Check the purchasing trend of a certain customer.


Surely, when finding these regular customers, build customers’ profile to record their likes, shopping habits, regional characteristics and behavioral characteristics with CRM system to know the demand change of customers. Combined with the shopping experiences like product testimonials, the effect of repeated sales will be better.

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